How to Prevent Coronavirus Transmission


The global spread of coronavirus means you have to take certain steps to help reduce its transmission. It is true that thousands of people have recovered after being infected with this virus but it is better to be safe than regret later. Given the high rate at which it is spreading, contracting it does not only put you at risk buy your loved ones too. Since there is no vaccine currently to help combat the spread of coronavirus, the best chance you have at beating it is taking a few prevention steps. With the death toll already at thousands, here are a few things you can do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.Read more about Dennis Bonnen.

Given this virus is spread through respiratory droplets, maintain a safe distance from other people can help in reducing the infection rate. Since you cannot tell who is infected until after at least fourteen days, keeping a safe distance of at least two meters is a good way of combating its spread. Practicing good respiratory hygiene can help reduce the infection rate. Whenever you feel like sneezing or coughing, try covering your mouth with a tissue or your elbow. This will prevent suspension of the respiratory droplets in the air, which could lead to new infections. In case you are feeling ill or unwell, ensure you are maintaining a safe distance from the people around you.

Even though some people do not have the luxury of working from home and have to step out often, staying at home is a good way of reducing infection rate. Staying at home as much as you can will help you prevent coming into contact with infected people or spreading further. Different states, counties and cities have implemented their own safety measures of the last few weeks, which you should adhere to as a way of combating the spread of this virus. This guidelines include banning of public gathering and closure of several places like restaurants in a bid to keep everyone safe.Click here to find out more.

Perhaps the best way of combating the spread of this virus that is ravaging the world is regular hand washing. Given the high number of people you may come into contact with within a day and the various surfaces you are likely to touch, ensure you are washing your hands with soap as frequent as possible. A sanitizer with at least sixty percent alcohol level is the best alternative in case soap is not readily available. Following these guidelines is how you can keep yourself safe and free of infection.

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